Banana Boat customers across Australia

Banana Boat customers across Australia

Published: 06:24 BST, 30 January 2016 | Updated: 08:21 BST, 30 January 2016

Users of Banana Boat Australia sunscreen have claimed the company's products have failed to protect them from the sun and left children with severe sunburn and blisters.

Customers around Australia have taken to social media with photographs of red, raw and blistered skin they say are the result of time spent in the sun despite using the company's sunscreen.

Most of those complaining are mothers who say they lathered their children in preparation Banana Boat sunscreen during the school holiday period in December and this month.

Rachel Pullicino, marketing director, Edgewell Personal Care Australia, which is the parent company of Banana Boat, said the company was aware of the complaints but was not aware of any faults with the product.

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The 'post blister' stage of sun burn on Damian McCaull's face after he used Banana Boat sunscreen on Australia Day

Many complaints have been made against the company over the last month, these blisters are on Corey Higginson's shoulders after he spent a few hours in the sun with SPF 50+ spray on

'We can confirm we are not aware of any specific issues with our product range,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

She added that the products needed to be used as instructed on the label.

'Use only as directed and reapply frequently as directed.'

The customers Daily Mail contacted said they had reapplied the sunscreen and used it as directed, but were still badly burned.

Complaints have come from across Australia with people furious about the severe burns they have suffered

Nancy Higginson wants Banana Boat Australia to 'fix their faulty products, or get them off the shelves' after her six-year-old granddaughter, Khloe, and 11-year-old grandson, Corey, were severely burnt on Australia Day.

'They were in the sun for 3-4 hours and I made sure I sprayed them every hour,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

'I normally use the Coles brand sunscreen and they have never been burnt like this before.

Nancy Higginson and her grandson, Corey on Australia Day, before they were burnt

Ms Higginson's grandaughter, Khloe on Australia Day before she was burnt

Khloe's burns the day after Australia Day

'My grandson has autism and it is hard him understand time to heal and not to touch blisters.'

'He is in excruciating pain.'

The grandmother says the children were playing with another family on the day who also used Banana Boat sunscreen and who are also blistering from the burns.

'This brand is supposed to work it is supposed to protect our children from the sun, I am so angry, they need to sort their product out or get it off the shelf.

'It isn't fair that the children are suffering for it.'

Ms Higginson is concerned the product is faulty and says it should be fixed or removed from sale

The grandmother says she re-applied the product every hour

Hayley Shuttleworth and her two year old daughter suffered severe burns on Australia Day after using Banana Boat products too 

Hayley Shuttleworth has been left with second degree burns on her lips, her two-year-old daughter Pacey, who already suffers from dermatitis and eczema is now dealing with bubbling red skin.

'I am an adult I know how to apply sunscreen to my self and I know that I did it properly.

'I was only in the sun for about two and a half hours all day and reapplied lathering my self and my daughter in the sunscreen.

The mother has been left with second degree burns on her lips, after 'lathering' herself with the product

She has been given antibiotics to stop any risk of infection

'I paid special attention to my lips because my dad lost his lips to skin cancer when I was younger,' the mum said.

She was also burnt on Australia Day, and now has eight large blisters on the inside of her lips.

'I felt very hot all day like my skin was on fire, she said.

'When we got home I stripped off my daughter and I rang my mum almost in tears because of the burns.'

The mother says this is the second time she has used Banana Boat sunscreen, the first was almost a decade ago and she was burnt then too

Many of those who were burnt were using SPF 50+ protection

This is not the first time Ms Shuttleworth has been badly burnt wearing sunscreen.

'When I was 13 I had to go to the emergency department after using the same brand,' she said.

'I am so angry at myself for using it again.

The blisters and redness is common among those complaining

Children burnt on Australia Day have to go back to school with their sore, red skin

'But so many people had told me it is different it is great now so I gave it a go, I will never use it again.

'I just keep thinking how the hell did she (her daughter) get burnt I layered it on her three times.

'I am angry at the company for not looking into it.'

Crystal Suesskow is angry after her baby was burnt when using the product at the beach

The mother says she re-applied and was not in the sun for long

She was burnt as well, and used the same product- which she says was labeled SPF 50+ on herself

She is not the only mum who has been 'burnt twice' using the sunscreen.

Three years ago Melissa McCaull was in Queensland and was burnt after covering herself in the cream, she decided to 'give it another go' on Australia Day this year and regrets her decision.

The mum covered herself, her nine-year-old son Damian and her son's friend in the sunscreen, and re-applied every hour and a half, making the children dry off and wait before going back into the water.

Damian McCaull was burnt severely after his mother decided to give the brand 'another go' after a bad experience three years ago

The boy has suffered from scorched skin and blistering since Australia Day

His mother says she will never use the product again

'Anywhere the children didn't have clothes on they got burnt,' she said.

The mum had bought the sunscreen after misplacing her usual product- which she buys from Aldi.

She found the usual cream as she was leaving the house and applied that onto her arms, they did not get burnt but she says the rest of her body, which were already covered in the Banana Boat product were severely damaged.

She posted photos of the burns on Facebook after she didn't hear back quickly enough from the company. 

The red-haired boy and his similarly coloured mother always use sunscreen, and are shocked by the outcome after re-applying generously throughout the day

The red-haired boy and his similarly coloured mother always use sunscreen, and are shocked by the outcome after re-applying generously throughout the day 

The burns were so bad Damian blistered

'I want them to take note- to take responsibility it is not just Damien who got burnt, it has happened to so many other people- I don't want them to just fob it off.

The family had gone to the beach once a week for six weeks and had not suffered from sunburn until the day they changed their sunscreen.

'It was the only thing we changed we applied it the same way, at the same times and this was the result.

'I know the dangers of the sun, we are both red heads, it is not rocket science give I am sorry I gave them the benefit of doubt and tried them again.'

Ms McCaull was offered an apology pack for the incident, but is unsure if she trusts the products enough to try them again.

Another unhappy user of the product took this photo to show how badly she was burnt after she says she used the SPF 50+ cream

This customer said her husband applied sunscreen on her back

Michelle Edwards is another angry customer, she says she slathered her self and her children in the SPF 50+ sunscreen before going into the sun- a photo she uploaded with her complaint shows her red-raw skin.

'I don't know how you are getting away with selling such dangerous and obviously faulty products, it is disgusting! I will never buy your products again and I will be sure to tell everyone I know what a crappy product it is,' she wrote.

Crystal Suesskow' three-year-old daughter and 18-month-old son are also burnt after using the sunscreen in January.

The family were at the beach Ms Suesskow says that all three of them were badly burnt even after re-applying the cream twice over a few hours. 

'I will not be using the products again,' she said.

Rachel Pemberton's burns after spending the day at the pool, and reapplying twice

This burn shows where a child was burnt, only the sections covered by her swimmers were untouched

Rachel Pemberton went to the pool on January 8 and even got her husband to help her apply sunscreen to her back.

The woman says she was at the pool and in the sun for an hour and a half, before she had lunch ad re-applied.

'I have never used this brand before, and never will again,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

Ms Bowen's blisters have made her not want to leave the house after she was burnt on January 16

The woman was badly burnt even after applying sunscreen to her face and body

Liz Bowen was in the sun for a few hours on January 16- and still has blistering and redness two weeks after being burnt whilst wearing the SPF 50 version of the sunscreen.

Ms Bowen says that she also put a few lines of the cream, some leftover on her fingers, on a friend's child's face and they burnt badly where the product had been applied.

'I feel like I can't leave the house my face is so embarrassing,' Ms Bowden said.

'The blisters on my mouth look disgusting.' 

The woman says she will never buy Banana Boat products again

Her legs the day after they were badly burnt

Ms Bowen says she will never use the product again.

April Excmel has also had a bad experience with the company, which she says has been prolonged after they didn't get back to her initial complaint.

The mother used the Banana Boat SPF 50+ sunscreen on her children on December 6, their burns took weeks to heal.

After the blisters popped this boy's face was still sore to touch

More burns from Australia Day

She says her child began to blister three days after being in the sun, and that after 10 days the marks were still there, she describes them as looking like a 'chemical burn'.

Some people have come to the aid of the company by commenting on the graphic pictures.

Some of the parents who made complaints on Facebook decided not to speak out any further because of the abuse they received from other's on social media.

Ms Pemberton's burns even though she asked her partner to get those hard to reach places

This photo was taken ten days after this child was burnt in December

Melissa McCaull whose post went viral in just days says that most of the comments she has had are positive, however some have told her to 'improve her parenting', blaming her for not using the product as instructed.

She says she will ignore the trolls because most of the 300 messages in her inbox have been positive. 

Complaints on the page have come from Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle, Gladstone in Queensland and the NSW Central Coast. 

Ms Pullicino said 'Banana Boat has a dedicated customer service team that responds to all consumer inquiries and investigates each individual case'.

'We want to reassure our consumers that we are confident that all Banana Boat sunscreen products labelled with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) offer the stated level of SPF if stored and applied as directed on the label. 

More blistering caused by severe burns

'Any product claiming an SPF must meet precise testing requirements before it can be sold in Australia. 

'Our products are uniquely formulated and rigorously tested to meet the claimed SPF as required by the Australian sunscreen standard and in compliance with the TGA Regulations.

'During summer we sometimes receive complaints from consumers who have experienced sunburn. 

The company says they are not aware of any problems with their suncare range 

'At Banana Boat, we want to stress that although there are many sunscreens now offering a high SPF, sunscreen is only one part of an important combination of actions Australians must take to protect themselves against the sun. 

'We always recommend our consumers avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and always wear protective clothing, hats and eyewear. 

'It’s also important to follow our product label instructions: always store sunscreen in accordance with its labels, use only as directed and reapply frequently as directed. 

The red and white patched skin shows where this boy was wearing a rash vest while in the sun

The company has also stated that the product must be used as directed



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