Mac cosmetics scottsdale fashion square

Mac cosmetics scottsdale fashion square

Kaila White, The Republic | Published 6:42 p.m. MT Oct. 6, 2016 | Updated 7:07 p.m. MT Oct. 6, 2016


Mother-daughter pair Anita and Alliyah Ortega and 22-year-old Noelle Estrella talk about waiting in line for hours at Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix to buy MAC Selena products. Kaila White/

MAC Selena

The line outside the MAC store at Biltmore Fashion Park moments before the store sold out of its Selena collection on Oct. 6, 2016, in Phoenix.(Photo: Kaila White/The Republic)


MAC Cosmetics' special collection commemorating superstar Selena Quintanilla hit stores Thursday and with it came masses of Latinos, lifelong fans and makeup lovers who waited in line for hours and sometimes overnight in Arizona and across the country.

The collection nearly or completely sold out at all metro Phoenix locations by Thursday afternoon. The MAC store at Scottsdale Fashion Square sold out in 23 minutes.

"It’s like having a part of her and knowing that her legacy is living on even after she has passed ... lived on in the Latin community," Anita Ortega said after waiting for almost three hours outside the Biltmore Fashion Park store in Phoenix.

Her group walked away with only a few blush-and-bronzer compacts — the last product to go at most stores — but she said she and her 19-year-old daughter, Alliyah Ortega, were grateful to be part of such a big moment.

The magic of seeing a Latino face for MAC

Tejano star Selena ( Quintanilla-Perez).

Tejano star Selena ( Quintanilla-Perez). (Photo: EMI Latin)

Selena was a Mexican-American pop star famous in the late '80s and early '90s for being the "Queen of Tejano music." Selena, who went by her first name, won a Grammy Award in 1993 and, while recording an English-language crossover album, was killed in 1995 by the president of her fan club.

The collection sold out almost immediately after its Sept. 30 world premiere in Corpus Christi, Texas, and again once it hit major retailers online Oct. 3. Thursday was the first day the products were available at all MAC stores in the U.S.

The Biltmore location limited customers to three items, but the collection still sold out just before 12:30 p.m.

"We were like right in front and they said there’s no more and I was like, 'Why?' " 22-year-old Noelle Estrella of Phoenix said, sighing and patting her heart. "I waited a total of 2½ hours, didn’t get anything.

"Some people were here like at 4 a.m.; some people were camping overnight at other locations," she said.

Many people at the Biltmore and online said the collection was a hallmark moment for Latinos.

"That’s why it was so big; you’ve seen a lot of Hispanics in line. We were like really excited for this," Estrella said.

"MAC is more of a higher-end brand — it’s at the Biltmore and stuff — so I think for Selena to be on the face of MAC for like a little short period that she is, I think it’s like, 'Wow, Selena, we did it! There she is, that’s our girl!' "

Waiting for Bidi Bidi Bom Bom lip gloss

In February 2015, Los Angeles radio producer Patty Rodriguez started a petition to persuade MAC to create a Selena-inspired collection. It earned 37,770 signatures before MAC announced the line in July 2015.

The line, which is based on the makeup Selena wore on and off stage, is three lipsticks and a lip gloss, five eye shadows and a combination blush-and-bronzer compact, as well as a brush and signature MAC mascara and eyeliner branded for the Selena line.


Selena Quintanilla still remembered 20 years later

The product names reflect Selena herself, some in Spanish and some in English, many referencing her songs.

There’s the bubblegum-pink, shimmery Bidi Bidi Bom Bom lip gloss for , the Como La Flor lipstick close to Selena’s signature red for , and the matte-black Is It The Beat eye shadow for .

Outlets such as Buzzfeed and Allure got early samples of the makeup and have reported that it works across skin tones, with Buzzfeed writing that the staff-favorite Selena eye shadow "is a very pigmented, pearly violet shade that can look magenta or purple depending on the skin tone."

Fans who never knew the world with Selena alive

"I wasn’t born the time that she was alive," Alliyah Ortega said, but she owns many Selena shirts and recordings, and Selena albums are always among the most-listened on her phone. Her grandparents are from Texas, and Selena is in the Ortegas' blood.

"She got so big so fast and she was a real person. She wasn’t one of those people that’s like, ‘Oh I’m famous now so I’m not gonna be with the people I used to hang out with.’ She was so real, she was so family oriented, she’s a big role model.

"She’s kind of an idol to some of the younger girls," the 19-year-old said. "Just seeing how she was with her fans and how she loved her family and everybody, it kind of just reminds you about how, no matter how big you are, you have to look at the people that love you and you just have to stay real."

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