Pictures of the 80s fashion

Pictures of the 80s fashion
1980s Fashion History

By Pauline Weston Thomas for


1980s Fashion History.  Corporate power dressing, big shoulders and hair.  Romantics.  Princess Diana’s influence as a fashion icon.

1990s Fashion History and Millennium Dressing Down.

Lifestyle in the 80s economy boom. Meanings of advertiser's acronyms such as YUPPIE and DINKY.

Business fashion history - Women dress for success in the perfect suit for the corporate ladder.

Mass market effects with the return of occasion wear.

Fashion history influences of the 80s including, Dynasty and Dallas, big hair, gold, glamour and glitz. 

Shoulders and shoulder pads. 1980s Fashion also featured,  big shoulder shawls, Doc Martens, trainers, low heeled pumps, innovative hosiery and colour coordination.

An explanation of 1980s Romantics.

 Fashion history influences including clubs, designers and pop groups. The swashbuckling pirate look.


1990s fashion history features include the romantic dresser. Romantic ball gowns and the meringue wedding dress influence. 

The Princess of Wales adopted big shoulders and stole the 80s as a trendsetter.  She became the clothes horse ambassadress of fashion and led the way for the 1990s 'pared down' style.

Dressing down for the millennium. Less becomes more. The 1990s fashion for long line jackets, trouser suits, subdued colours and petticoat dresses.

Oriental influences. Classic clothes. Fine knitwear, Pashminas, mobile phones, Lycra, Devore silks, velvets and brocades. Shimmer, iridescence and glitter.

Millennium fashion influences including a trend for wearing revived fashion history styles by reusing vintage fashion.

Designer labels.

 Global marketing, shopping. American designers including Donna Karan and capsule dressing. Colours, leg wear and the near future.


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